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Ingamo Homes
432 Springbank Ave., N. Unit #20
Woodstock, Ontario N4T 1N7
Telephone: (519) 421-0383
Fax: (519) 421-0955

Diane Harris
Executive Director
Telephone: (519) 421-0383 ext. 224

Phyl McCrum
Women’s Counsellor/Advocate
Telephone: (519) 421-0383 ext. 223

Mary Anne da Costa
Women’s Counsellor/Advocate
Telephone: (519) 421-0383 ext. 221

Lisa Ball
Child and Youth Counsellor/Advocate
Telephone: (519) 421-9811

Lori Demeester
Property Maintenance & Donations
Telephone: (519) 421-0383 ext. 222

Marika Henry
Children's Program Worker
Telephone: (519) 421-9811







With our partners (agencies, funders and clients), at our core, we live and act by the following values:

Integrity is acting with transparency, honesty and in an ethical manner.

Equity is responding to the individualistic needs of clients, in a fair and impartial manner, ensuring they are provided the appropriate resources to succeed.

Inclusion embraces the diversity of all client's, such as their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Freedom endorses services that promote empowerment and choice.

Respect is acting in a way that acknowledges each person's worth

Safety is promoting the condition of being protected from danger, risk or injury.

 -Approved by the Board of Directors, March 19, 2018.



“Broken to Brave”  

Words women used to describe themselves entering the program and when they were ready to leave.

Broken to Brave – this is what happens at Ingamo.



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Ingamo Homes is registered as a charity under Canada Revenue Agency.

Charity # 126579242 RR