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Domestic Abuse Services – Oxford
Offers 24-hour supportive and crisis counselling, residency, advocacy, outreach, transition support and sexual assault counselling to abused women and their children. Provides information on abuse, referrals to other services, safety planning and support.

519-539-4811 or 1-800-265-1938
975 James Street



Services for Children

Oxford Elgin Child & Youth Centre - OECYC
OECYC provides confidential counselling services to youth up to 18 years of age and their families. Counselling may focus on violence in the family, behavioural concerns, school or social difficulties, parent-child conflicts, substance abuse, sexuality awareness, parental separation or divorce. OECYC offers parenting programs to assist parents with parenting young children up to their teen years.

912 Dundas Street,
Woodstock, N4S 1H1
Toll free: 1-877-539-0463
Fax: 519-539-7058



Believe in Me– Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
Believe in Me, a program for children and adolescents exposed to violence in the home, helps them to deal with the effects of their mother being abused. Topics discussed at the weekly group sessions include anger control, conflict resolution and self-esteem. Mothers attend their own support group at the same time. Assistance with transportation can be arranged. Call for more information.

(collect calls accepted)


Healthy Babies Healthy Children
A support program for expectant parents and families with children 0-6 years of age. This program is free and uses registered nurses and experienced parents to help parents find the answers they need to give their children a good start in life.

519-539-9800 ext 214


Children’s Aid Society of Oxford County
CAS provides protection and group treatment services to children ages 0-16 who have been abused or neglected. CAS also operates, in conjunction with the Boards of Education, a school-based Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. A Child Victim Witness Program for children who have been abused provides counselling prior to their presenting evidence in court. The Children’s Aid Society can be contacted on a 24-hour basis. A variety of parenting programs, foster care resource and adoption services are also available.

Toll free 24-hour answering service 1-800-250-7010
712 Peel Street



Supervised Access Centre
Supervised visits or supervised exchanges can be arranged in cases of unresolved conflict between parents, concerns with parenting ability, extended absence of a non-custodial parent, history of violence in the family, or concerns of a possible abduction.

476 Peel St.,
Woodstock, N4S 2H1



Criminal Justice & Legal System

Woodstock Police Services

The Domestic Violence Unit investigates offences, assists victims in understanding police involvement, makes referrals to community partners and assists with any concerns about victim safety. Arrangements can be made through the Domestic Violence Unit for Risk Assessments and Safety Planning.

519-421-2800 ext 2236
615 Dundas Street


Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
The Ontario Provincial Police are available to investigate criminal offences, assist victims in understanding police involvement, make referrals, or to assist with any concerns about victim safety.

90 Concession Street East

110 Mutual Street


Crown Attorney
A crown attorney is available to speak with victims of domestic violence about the charges against their partner, the court process or an other concerns. The crown attorney is available every Friday by appointment at the Woodstock Courthouse. There is no limit on the number of times one can attend but meetings are on a “first come, first served” basis.

415 Hunter Street


Legal Aid
Legal Aid may be available to assist victims with the cost of a lawyer, depending on financial status and your particular legal issues. A two-hour consultation voucher and list of family law lawyers who take Legal Aid is available through Ingamo Homes, DASO and Family Violence Counselling Program.

Elgin-Oxford Legal Clinic
c/o Operation Sharing
22 Wilson Street
Woodstock, N4S 3N4
Telephone: (519) 539-3361
Fax: (519) 539-9648

Legal Aid Office
Woodstock Courthouse
415 Hunter Street
Woodstock, ON



Family Law Education for Women "FLEW"

Are you having family difficulties? Dealing with issues like divorce, custody or support? Plain language legal information on women's rights under Ontario family law is available in 14 languages and in multiple formats.



Victim Assistance Services of Oxford County (VASOC)

Volunteers provide support, assistance and referrals to victims of crime Services include accompaniment to hospital, residence, shelter or temporary accommodation (i.e. motel)

All services are free.

615 Dundas Street (Woodstock Police Station)
Woodstock, ON
Telephone: 519-537-2824
(business hours for community referrals or information)



Victim Support Line
A provincial toll free telephone service providing victims with notification of release dates and hearings relevant to their offender. Victims can speak directly with a counsellor and must register with the program to receive information.




Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP)
VWAP provides service to persons involved in a criminal case as a victim or a witness. Some of the services offered are:

  • Information about what can be expected when going through criminal court
  • Emotional support throughout the court process including the day of court
  • Up-to-date information regarding your specific court cases
  • Referrals to other community resources
  • Scheduling time for you to meet with the Crown Attorney if requested
  • Information about victim impact statements and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
  • Services are voluntary, free to the client and available during business hours

5119-421-3903 or 1-800-799-1996
415 Hunter Street



Oxford County Probation & Parole
Probation & Parole Officers (PPO) assess and supervise/monitor offenders in the community on some form of community supervision (Probation, Provincial Parole or Conditional Sentence Order). Throughout this process, the victim of an offence is an important and valuable collateral contact. Officers may share with victims some supervision information, the processes of enforcement and the role of the PPO. The main office is in Woodstock with satellite offices in Tillsonburg and Ingersoll one day a week.

519-539-8175 (collect calls are accepted)


Counselling & Support

Transitional Worker
Transitional Workers are housed at Ingamo Homes and at DASO. Transitional supports are available to women in the community to help overcome barriers to moving on to a life free of abuse. They can meet with women in their own community where necessary.

Ingamo Homes
519-421-0383 ext *223 or *221
432 Springbank Ave. North


975 James Street


Family Violence Counselling Program
Specialized staff offer counselling, assessments and individualized safety plans for women experiencing abuse in their intimate relationships. Group support and individual counselling is available for women. Groups are offered for children who have witnessed family violence. The program offers specialized group services for perpetrators of partner assault. These are primarily for court ordered clients. Group fees are negotiated based on ability to pay. Non-Court ordered referrals may participate in the program, but must pay the full cost of the program fees.

519-539-1276 or
1-800-250-7010 ext 380

712 Peel Street



Woodstock General Hospital
Mental Health Services of Oxford County
Woodstock General Hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient services. Outpatient services include adult and child mental health services. Clients may make self-referrals or be referred by the family physicians. The services include psychiatric consultation; individual, group, family and marriage counselling.

310 Juliana Dr.
Woodstock, ON N4V 0A1



Alexandra Hospital
Offers both inpatient and outpatient services. Self-referral or referral by family physician will enable access to the hospital’s services. The services include emergency care in the Emergency Department, inpatient medical-surgical services, and social support on an outpatient basis.




Domestic Abuse Services – Oxford
DASO offers a wide range of supportive services for women abused by an intimate partner. Services are free and confidential. Trained staff is available 24 hours through a crisis line to assist with safety planning, offer support and referrals or just to talk about the abuse. Individual support is offered in Tillsonburg, Ingersoll, and Norwich by appointment. A weekly women’s group is offered in Woodstock. Long-term support for women who have been sexually abused/assaulted is provided throughout the county.

519-539-4811 or 1-800-265-1938
975 James Street



Une ligne régionale, accessible 24 heures, 7 jours par semaine, pour femmes victims et surviviantes d’agression sexuelle, d’inceste, de violence conjugale et dans une relation intime, ou d’harcelement. (Crisis line services in French)



Assaulted Women’s Helpline
Provincial crisis line provides referrals to local services. Translators available.



Carrefour des Femmes du Sud-Quest de l-Ontario
French-speaking service supporting female survivors of sexual violence. Advocacy, supportive counselling, referrals, accompaniment and public education available.

London 1-888-858-0954

www.carrefourfemmes. on.ca


Canadian Mental Health Association – Oxford County Branch
CMHA – Oxford works to promote the mental health of all people and ensure the best possible services are available for adults living with a severe and persistent mental illness to enable them to live successfully in the community. There are 4 components to this voluntary program.

  1. Crisis response: Professionally trained crisis support workers are members of a 24 hour mobile team, respond by phone and/or personal contact to all individuals of Oxford County who are experiencing sudden and/or unexpected event that put them in distress.
    519-539-8342 or 1-877-339-8342

  2. Case management: Professionally trained community support workers provide individualized community-based support for adults with a severe and persistent mental illness.

  3. Supportive Housing: Provision of independent living permanent housing via congregate housing and/or individualized apartment units for adults who are homeless. Client choice respected. This housing is supported by CMHA – Oxford at a level corresponding to client’s needs.

  4. Court Diversion/Court Support: Provides options/support to individuals with a mental disorder (serious mental illness, dual diagnosis and/or acquired brain injury) who have come in contact with the Criminal Justice System. These options/support require voluntary agreement of the Crown Attorney and individuals involved.
    519-539-8055 or 1-800-859-7248



Do you know someone who needs to end the abuse in her life?

Abuse happens in many ways. We’ve helped thousands of women turn their lives around. If you feel broken emotionally, spiritually or physically, reach out and call.



Village Artisan/Ingamo Partnership

Ingamo Homes has partnered with Village Artisans to help women in their journey "from Broken to Brave". Artisans (mostly women) in India are earning a living wage by creating wearable art such as sari bags and scarves, and other products, employing traditional crafts and methods with an emphasis placed on recycling. These products are sold at different Ingamo functions and community events, and are available at Lily Bear Dance Studio in Woodstock and These Four Walls in Ingersoll. Proceeds from the sales of Village Artisan products here help fund programs for women and children at Ingamo.





Grandma and her grandson

“Broken to Brave”  

Words women used to describe themselves entering the program and when they were ready to leave.

Broken to Brave – this is what happens at Ingamo.




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