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A Story of Ingamo …

Ingamo Homes is a transitional program with housing that supports women and their children to turn their lives around.

In the 80’s, Woodstock’s young shelter gave refuge for two to six weeks. The space was small and the time was tight – too tight to arrange for finances or custody. Women were stuck. Some had no choice but to return home to the abuse. Those who did move out were often stalked, harassed or even murdered. Something needed to change - and something did!

A group of community members - people that cared - began to ask, “what if we had longer term housing for women and their kids? What if we provided support and counselling? What if we stood side-by-side with women to break down barriers in the legal, financial, police, health and employment communities?” Could we change these systems?

Yes! We could break the cycle of violence.

We named our project Ingamo, an Inuit word meaning “a place of friends”.

On a cold March morning in 1989 we handed a woman a house key. She put it in the lock and turned it and opened Oxford County’s first transitional housing unit. Twenty other units were quickly filled with women and their children. Now there were options. Since then, thousands of women of courage, and their children, have opened doors and turned their lives around.

Ingamo is a friend of freedom.

We can assist with :

  • developing individual safety plans
  • providing information, support and advocacy
  • accompanying women to justice-related, social service or legal meetings through Court Support Program
  • assisting with completion of forms and applications
  • helping to accessing community support
  • finding and securing financial resources
  • assisting in securing permanent affordable hosing
  • providing parenting support
  • providing children’s activities and programs



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Board of Directors

Ingamo Homes operates with the efforts of its committed staff.

Equally important is its board of directors, which oversees the governance of the organization. Ingamo is constantly on the lookout for new faces at the board table as terms end and members move on. Be a part of a turn around team!

We are looking for individuals that have a background in fundraising, are compassionate, caring, and have a willingness to work together toward a common goal – ending violence against women and children.  Anyone interested in learning more about Ingamo’s board of directors and the work of Ingamo should contact info@ingamohomes.com.

Current Board

Pat Coad – Chair
Wilma Molinaro - Vice Chair
Anne Wismer – Treasurer
Susan Masters – Secretary
Shauna MacKinnon - Personnel Chair

Directors -  Susan Earl, Mary Bell, Eva Siemiernik, Meagan McGinnis, Shannon Yates.











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Ingamo Homes is registered as a charity under Canada Revenue Agency.

Charity # 126579242 RR