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A home is where we feel safe.

We are here to support, advocate and empower women* and their children as they move towards living their lives free of violence.
Ingamo Homes

Home is not a safe place for everyone.

Ingamo homes is a non-profit organization, committed to ending gender-based violence by providing second-stage housing, outreach and programming to women* and their children, serving Woodstock, ON and Oxford County.

Programs for Women

You Are Welcome Here

We have supported over a thousand women* and children, leave abusive situations. You will find our 20 townhouses in a quiet Woodstock neighborhood, that is close to stores and many amenities.
* Ingamo homes supports women and transgender individuals.
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Your children are welcome here

Children are resilient and are able to bounce back quickly. We offer numerous programs and one-on-one support to kids and youth of all ages. We have also partnered with incredible organizations that can provide mentorship opportunities.
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Open House

Open House Invitation

Our Partners

Our Clients

A Diverse Extended Family

As a community, we have pulled together, like a diverse extended family.  When counsellors are not on site, we lean on each other.  Anxieties and fears as a result of approaching court dates, financial hardships, threats, pain, and grief make every day an uphill climb.  Together, the challenges we face seem less frightening and we grow stronger and more determined to achieve new goals of happiness and success

Today I Believe

I am grateful to myself for getting us out of there, even when others pressured me to stay.  Today I believe what positives you say about me, a year ago I wouldn’t have.

They cared for me when I needed it most

The greatest gift some of us have experienced here at Ingamo is the freedom to live, to be ourselves, no longer alone and subject to our abusive partners.  Just to know there are people who care, who will extend a hand and show sincere concern for our pain, gives us strength to go on

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