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Land Acknowlegement

Here in Oxford County, we are grateful to be working and living on this stolen land that was the home to the Haudenosaunee, Anishnawbe, Neutral and Mississauga peoples and acknowledge the territory was the subject of Treaty 29, covered by the Upper Canada Treaties.  As one of the leading agencies in the gender-based violence sector in Oxford County, we strive towards creating a violence free community while providing education and support services.  With this, we recognize the disproportionate rates and victimization of Indigenous families and communities.  As Ingamo Homes continues to benefit from the occupation of this land, we recognize our responsibility and acknowledge, respond, and take action by engaging in larger conversations to understand the systemic effects of colonization and how this in turn perpetuates violence.  It is our responsibility and due diligence to ensure prior to the implementation of services that support Indigenous peoples, that we consult with Indigenous peoples and/or resources.  Our ongoing mission is to actively challenge colonial systems both in our communities and agency, while also being responsible to continue to break down barriers.  It is our continued responsibility to not only decolonize our organization but rather to take ownership, act in solidarity, and center Indigenous and racialized voices. We recognize the contributions and historic importance of Indigenous peoples and are commited to make the promise of Truth and Reconciliation real in our communities. We recognize and deeply appreciate the historic and present-day connection to this place.

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