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Harm Reduction

Ingamo Homes fully supports harm reduction as a comprehensive drug strategy. Our primary focus is on minimizing harm to individuals dealing with drug use and addiction. Recognizing the diverse spectrum of drug use and treatment modalities, we are committed to accompanying women on their journey, irrespective of their current substance use, and without imposing mandatory treatment.

Acknowledging the detrimental impact of traditional, abstinence-based drug strategies on women who have experienced gender-based violence, Ingamo Homes advocates for a broader range of addiction treatment methods to better meet the diverse needs of Oxford County's community. We believe that a personalized and inclusive approach is crucial to addressing the complexities of addiction.

A uniform approach to addiction intervention is inadequate and leaves gaps through which survivors of gender-based violence may fall. Harm reduction, guided by six key principles, strives to:

  • Humanism: Value, care for, respect, and dignify patients as individuals.
  • Pragmatism: Recognize that perfect coping is unattainable, and support individuals in their efforts.
  • Individualism: Acknowledge the unique factors, behaviors, and receptivity to interventions for each person.
  • Autonomy: Uphold the right of individuals to make their own choices about treatment.
  • Incrementalism: Celebrate every positive change, no matter how small.
  • Accountability without Termination: Hold individuals responsible for their choices without denying them access to services based on treatment decisions.

At Ingamo, we implement harm reduction by providing:

  • Safe sex options such as male and female condoms and dental dams.
  • Naloxone kits.
  • Needle exchange program materials, including the provision of safe paraphernalia to reduce the risk of injury and communicable diseases.

Harm reduction strategies have demonstrated positive outcomes, including:

  • Decreased rates of communicable diseases, such as STDs, HIV, and Hepatitis.
  • Decreased rates of death from overdose.
  • Decreased barriers to accessing help caused by stigma.
  • Increased connections to support and treatment.

For inquiries about Ingamo's harm reduction strategy, please contact us at 519-421-0383.

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